• Celebrating 10 Years of Staff Picks

    Vimeo celebrated 10 Years of Staff Picks at SxSW in 2018.

  • Why We Need Net Neutrality

    The FCC is planning to repeal the strong net neutrality rules that we fought so hard to get in 2015. Why do we care? Vimeo is the home to so many makers, watchers, and all-around internet video lovers. Net neutrality makes sure there is room for creativity and equal access for any internet user. ...

  • Vimeo Origins: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a two-time Staff Picked filmmaker who always impresses with his cinematic twist on comedy. He joined the Vimeo community in 2009 and has shared everything from wild genre mashups to Arnold Schwarzenegger PSAs. His first feature film, Kings of Summer, premiered at the Sundan...

  • Spotlight on Sadie Groom

    As part of our Share the Screen initiative to support women and woman-identifying filmmakers, we decided to catch up with some awesome — and incredibly successful — women at the 2017 NAB Show to glean their advice. Watch on, and visit the full lesson for more wisdom:

  • Vimeo Live is Here

  • I am a Vimeo Filmmaker

    Professional filmmakers around the world share their videos on Vimeo.

    "Vimeo is a vital part of my filmmaking process." - Kate Herron, uploading since 2011.

    Join Vimeo PRO now at

  • Spotlight on Mo Scarpelli

    Videos for Good celebrates creators who unearth little-known stories, push us to reassess our perspectives, and tackle the issues that matter most. Mo Scarpelli is one such filmmaker, blending human expression with documentary techniques into moving, earnest portrayals — and they never fail to co...

  • Vimeo OTT Trends and Data

    Learn about key trends in the OTT market from Vimeo’s “State of the OTT Audience 2018” report. Today we’ll be speaking with Kathleen Barrett and Forest Conner.

  • Behind the Video: Vimeo's First 360 Shoot

    Vimeo 360 is here, and naturally, we had to make our very own immersive video. Join us on set and get a behind-the-scenes peek at the challenges, triumphs, and giant balloons from Vimeo's first 360 shoot.

    For the full story, visit our blog:

  • Step Into The Decade at SXSW 2018